Let's get to work.

We’ve never conducted a cookie cutter PR campaign in our lives. Your business is unique: your point of difference is why you are in business today. So, we create campaigns that fit you, not the other guys we represent.

Companies need PR for lots of reasons: New product, new image, we’re in trouble, we’re changing our brand, no one knows who we are, we won an award, our plant exploded, we’re about to lay people off — the list goes on. We’ll help you focus on what’s important and what you can do about it: Here’s the deal:

You may think we are quiet when you meet us. That’s because we’re listening.

We’re painfully honest. If you don’t have a story, we’ll let you know. (Nicely, of course.) And suggest something that might work.

We may push you outside of your comfort zone. Public relations is about developing a story, and no one can tell it better than you. Sometimes it takes guts (think, going on TV for the first time) but most of the time it’s about sharing your passion for what you do. Most of our clients are pretty darn good at this.

We don’t have a lot of rules. If you want to hire us for a test drive, a project, or a three year long campaign, its okay with us. Good PR means good client/agency chemistry and we’re willing to build that at a pace that feels good for everyone.

We advocate public relations solutions, using both traditional and social media. If you need media buying, direct mail, billboards, lobbying the European Union, or skywriting, we’ll refer you to our many respected colleagues who do these things. We’ll never tell you we do something that we actually don’t.

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